Great Ape
Social Club


In another world far from the reality we live in, an advanced species of primates similar to the ones we see in our jungles thrive. These apes have developed side by side as we did, however they have never evolved physically past the ancient primates, albeit having made leaps in the development of their intelligence. Communities were built, technological advances were made and diseases were cured. These humanoid creatures are called the Great Apes.

Among them, highly skilled and talented individuals of the fashion industry banded together to form the most ambitious collaboration of all time. These geniuses aimed to create a fashion brand that would fully revolutionize the industry and ultimately, their world.

Years of hard work saw the fashion brand being built into an absolute behemoth of a company. They called this the Great Ape Social Club. Great Apes who donned the attire were given access to an exclusive community that valued diversity and closeness.

Zooming out to where we currently are, the Team wishes to see the Great Ape Social Club be brought to life in this world. Bringing their elaborately tailored garments to our version of reality, even humankind can join the fellow Great Apes in embracing the beauty of fine sewing and the softest of materials you wish you could wear forever.

Our Team

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Chun Yew

Founder and General Manager

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Founder and Head of Logistics and Communication

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Founder and Head of Marketing

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Founder and Discord Manager

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DVIZH Studios

Design Team

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Taras Zaika

Lead Designer

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Ankur Kumar





  • Adopting gorilla families from charitable foundations. These gorillas will be part of the Great Ape family.
  • Donations to charities that focus on the gorilla species' conservation. Charity to be revealed in the future and will include ones chosen by the community. Giving back to the Great Apes for everything they have given us for the building of this community in their name.
  • We will also be asking for constant updates from the caretakers regarding the status of the adopted gorilla families.


  • Our very own merchandise shop will be erected in which holders get extra perks to.
  • Holders will get voting privileges in the decisions the Founders make in the further development of the project.
  • Airdrop of pixelated Great Apes to holders. These pixelated versions of Great Apes will be used for integration in the Metaverse where holders can meet each other in their Great Ape's pixelated form.
  • A rewards points system will be established. For each contribution to the community, Great Apes get 'Rewards Points' that they can use to cash out for free merch and products from our fashion brand as well as whitelist in other partnering projects.


  • Initiation of the Metaverse social club, where we will be having meetings and social events within the community (Also an opportunity to gain 'Rewards Points'). The aim is to build a metaverse social club for Great Apes worldwide to gather and interact with one another.
  • We will also work with production companies to produce a Hip-Hop rap track that suits the 'badassery' of our Great Ape collection. The track will be released on mainstream music platforms.


  • We will start building up a fashion brand with a hype-brand concept. We will start by making it a community-curated path of development. Holders will have the power to determine our whole clothing line.
  • We will create multiple designs of our clothing and have the community choose the pieces they would want be made into actual products of the brand.
  • We will open physical and online stores that build this hype clothing brand up. Holders of our NFTs will get special access and discounts to our products.
  • Our ultimate goal in the creation of this project is to tie Web 3.0 with the real world. Our team members are strong believers in a reality where Web 3.0 and the real world can co-exist harmoniously. Hence, our team has decided to tie our collection with a hype clothing brand that we will build from scratch.
  • Our dream is to build one as huge as the brands you hear about constantly with funding from the project as well as making sure our holders benefit most from it.
  • We hope that one day, holders can walk the earth donning our clothes and our logo on everything they wear. Holders can also verify themselves as Great Apes when entering our stores, gaining access to special discounts and holders-only products.