Ukraine NFT

22022 NFT to collect donations for charities in reference to this historic war.
One goal : SAVE LIVES !

Peace Ukraine

0.0 ETH + Gas Fee


About Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. The fighting led to the death of thousands of men, women and children. Living conditions are now deplorable, and the present terror has forced several million Ukrainians to leave their country.

As humans, we are all terribly affected by what is happening. This is why PeaceUkraineNFT will be raising funds through NFT to help those in need. The commitment of our community will support and save Ukranian lives and families.

Our actions will change the lives of millions of civilians. Your support will help charities to stop these horrors!

Nft Collections

These NFT's have a unique historical value, they reflect the return of war to Russia and
Ukraine in a world that was thought to be untouched after WWII.



We sell NFTs with a unique message to promote peace.

Donate profits to charities

The sale of the NFTs generates profits for the victims of war.


NFT exchanges between individuals can generate up to 10% of revenue based on the value of an NFT.