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Aimi is a community driven NFT project on the Ethereum Blockchain using ERC-721 token standard.

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We’re recruiting 10,000 Aimi’s to protect the universe.

One day, a group of friends woke up on an island in the middle of nowhere. They were dazed, confused, and missing memories from their past lives. The friends had no idea what was going on or how they ended up on the island and knew that they needed to figure out how and why they were there.

The group took it upon themselves to find out the mystery that was looming above their heads. They were going to go on a quest to look for clues, and like-minded people to help them solve this mystery!

Along the way of their quest to save their island, they would find themselves in tricky situations and chaos-filled adventures. The more likewise people that joined their group, the more they would have to learn to work together and become one. The group would use each person’s unique personality and strengths to help them on their quest in making the world a better place by solving mysteries. They will all serve a unique purpose to the group, while flourishing as individuals.

Although they are off to a good start, their journey has just begun…The group is slowly running out of resources on the island. They know they must act soon in order to save not only themselves, but their beloved friends, family, and the island. Will they be able to survive this journey, or will they find themselves deep in chaos while trying to save each other?

Introducing AIMI

Aimi was created for people new to the NFT community that are looking to get into the space at an affordable price. Once minting is complete, we will begin building out a special world with exclusive access only to Aimi NFT holders.

Community Powered

AIMI is decentralized and loved by its community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build AIMI into the best community in crypto.

Open Source

Contract address is published, verified on Etherscan.

Fair Launch

$AIMI has been stealth launched. Majority of $AIMI supply was seeded as liquidity.

Our NFT's

Road Map

Once all Aimis have been minted, we begin building a special world in the metaverse exclusive to the Aimi community.

Be ready for immersive experiences with your NFTs built by a world-class dev team.

We create a liquidity pool to buy Aimi’s on secondary market for giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team

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Aman Kumar


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Jaysleen R


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