The Clueless Cats

Clueless Cats is a collection of 9,999 uniquely designed Cats that are "Non-Fungible Tokens" living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Clueless Cat was created as an ERC-721 standard token.

Each Clueless Cat is completely unique and created using over 120 individual features.

There are 11 Clueless Cats that were created by our artist that do not contain any randomly generated traits. These 11 Clueless Cats are the most rare and will be the most valuable.


Mint a Clueless Cat

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Cat Price

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Max mint of 3 Clueless Cats per wallet.

Perks & Utilities

Increase the Value Of Your NFT

If you are just lucky enough and are able to mint one of our 11 rare Clueless Cats, you can easily significantly increase the value of your NFT within just a few days.

Access To
Private Events

Our community will have many private events that holders will be rewarded with, maybe tickets to an all expense paid vacation? Maybe access to a huge community meetup? Holders will be the first to know about these exciting opportunities.


Clueless Cats holders will have access to many giveaways and events that can include NFT giveaways, exclusive partnered projects minting whitelist, or ETH giveaways.



Graphic Artist

Incog Labs

Project Creators

Road Map

Phase 1

  • Clueless Cats will be born into the blockchain. Clueless Cats will be minted in three phases: Early Riser Presale, Presale, and Main Launch. Each minting phase will have a set amount of Clueless Cats to mint and a set price for each.
  • Once Clueless Cats are 100% sold out we will host our first major giveaway that will be announced in the discord channel as well as a large donation to EveryCat Health Foundation.

Phase 2

  • We will prepare to launch our Merch collection for OG Clueless Cats holders. Have the chance to rock your Clueless Cat in the real world with exclusive personalized merchandise to showcase your Clueless Cat NFT.

Phase 3

  • Holders of at least 2 Clueless Cats will have the ability to breed their Clueless Cats and receive a Baby Clueless Cat. More details and artwork will be announced closer to this phase.

Phase 4

  • Clueless Cats will begin to conquer the MetaVerse. Each holder will have the ability to walk in the shoes of their Clueless Cat in the MetaVerse.

Phase 5



Clueless Cat is taking over the metaverse