In year 2070 of the old calendar, The mysterious different-dimensional lifeforms suddenly flew to the Earth and humanity hovered on the brink of extinction.


The surviving humans worked on weaponized battle armor in order to combat against the adversaries, but only girl were capable of controlling the gear. This mecha technology soon spread all over the lands, the girls around the world started to be armed to fight back.



Sergey has been working as a Smart Contract Developer for the last 4 years. he has been deeply involved in various blockchain projects, skilled in C#, NodeJS, DLT, Solidity and protocol development. In the Gearverse, he is leading Smart Contract development, and he believes that Gearverse is the true high quality generative art.


Marketing Artist

Pearly is a graduate of China Academy of Art, She is good in all artistic aspects including but not limited to 2D, 3D, and animations. While she had an interest in designing anime character, she was reached out by Kelvin Lok right on time, and hence she joined the project. In the Gearverse, Pearly works as the illustrator & designer and leading other designers with Kelvin Lok, obviously pulling out all of her experiences. She will work all her best to make sure that anyone would find our WAIFU too adorable to resist!

Brian Kwong


Co-founded Gearverse with Kelvin Lok. Brian Kwong has worked as a manager of product for Guangyu, and many other game development companies for the last 8+ years. Specific to his experience in Guangyu, he was one of the initial members of the game "dragon and elves" which brought huge success. In order to better guarantee Gearverse's normal operations and not being out of touch with industry, he currently work with various games as a freelancer.

Kelvin Lok


Kelvin Lok worked as a Concept Designer for various game development companies such as Tencent Games and Seasun Games and has participated in many large projects: 天涯明月刀Moonlight Blade, 劍網3JX3 etc for the last 5 years, although his initial experience is based on various PC and mobile RPG games, he has moved onto more exciting startup project in this year.


Community Manager

Anime/Waifu lover that maintains and guards the discord. She works as community manager and helping the team in every aspect with new ideas and innovation. The .... fam can just call me Jessi, I am a business student and love drawing, musik and I like to do 3D art.

What is Gearverse?

Gearverse is a generative collection of 4444 mecha girls from over 9 diverse traits.

Why 4444?

4444 is the perfect quantity on that would provide sufficient supply for wide without over dilution.

How to get Whitelist?

Follow us on Twitter for giveaways, and join our Discord etc and keep an eye out for announcements.

How do I know if I'm on the Whitelist?

Once you won a giveaway or any whitelist event, you'll be assigned a Whitelist Role on our Discord.

What's mint price?

Whitelist members : 0.025 ETH
Public mint : 0.05 ETH

When is release date?

Whitelist : Aug 19th JST
Waitlist : Aug 20th JST
Public sale : Aug 21th JST
OG : Aug 22nd JST