Moon Walkers Club

Moon Walkers Club is a community-driven NFT collectibles project on the Binance Smart Chain. Moon Walkers are made up from over a hundred hand drawn traits by Cam, our amazing artist. Each Moon Walker is totally unique and ownership gives you access to the club.

Our Project

We all have dreams. But how many of us actually fulfil them? Making dreams come true is the cornerstone of the Moon Walkers mindset. They believe in themselves, they’re not sidetracked by failure and they never give up. Moon Walkers inhabit Twitter, Telegram & Discord, hunting for gems.

The typical Moon Walker has unknowingly withdrawn from society. Life has become pancakes, syrup and slippage. They know a better life exists and they’re prepared to risk everything for it.

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Holding a Moon Walker gives you access to the club, allowing you to participate in coordinating the MWC Treasury fund. The treasury will contain 770 BNB after minting is complete. Holders can vote using about ways to invest the fund. The treasury will be used to enrich the lives of the holders.



Launch community. Begin phase 1 marketing. Release previews to the community. Confirm drop release date.


Pre drop giveaway. Launch drop. Create a treasury fund committee. NFT space mission planning.


Complete mint. Send the first physical NFT to space. Publish full video of the space mission to the world.


Announce treasury fund plans and establish community committee leaders. Look at options for IRL events.


Continue developing Moon Walkers into the #1 NFT project on the BSC and build the MWC brand in the crypto world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team

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Cam Createz Artist


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Al Tech


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Memes Marketing


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