2035. Winter.

The monsters are told to board the M train, as they have no idea what to expect. They were just relieved to be safe from the Avalanche. The train conductor greets them all with a tip of his hat. Glad to see you all made it out safely. The cranium caves collapsed out of nowhere! With eyes opened wide with both worry and excitement, the monsters question where they’re going to one another. We’re going to a place called Mortal Monster Lodge, says our friend, Terror.

For years the humans have been steadily wrecking our home, and blaming us for all the unease in their minds.. Maybe the Mortal Monster Lodge is where we’ve belonged all this time.

I look out the window and see us passing through a city with so much life! We take a slight turn to go up a hill and then I hear, “here we are, everyone!” declares the conductor. Home sweet home! An angelic group of creatures who resemble us all stand and wait with smiles. Our welcoming committee!

Welcome to the lodge, they say, as we gesture behind them to the sprawling building. Through its colorful windows, we see other monsters: some in yoga class, others play board games and chuckle together, some in a jacuzzi! The place looks even more inviting than home ever did.

Finally a place where there’s no stigmas associated with monsters in your mind.

Welcome to the lodge, indeed. Your journey awaits.



Welcome to the lodge!

A unique social club that raises awareness together combatting stigmas associated with mental health disorders, through NFTs that doubles as your membership access card to the Mortal Monster Lodge and all its perks the lodge offers.







Per Item

Road Map

Pre Sale Mint : 20/08/2022 (Saturday)
Public Mint 21/08/2022 (Sunday)

5% of total sales will benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

5% of total sales will go into the community DAO where our community will have voting rights where we will continue to improve and grow Mortal Monsters

Holders get exclusive access to once weekly mental health and general health seminars hosted by a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and/or Medical Doctor that given week. Mental health topics discussed will be voted on weekly by our community.

Collaborate with NFT artists and other projects to join forces on our Mortal Monster children book series where a % of proceeds will benefit adolescent mental health organizations.

Wellness and medicinal brands exclusive discounts for MM holders.

Merch Gift Shop opens: A percentage of proceeds will benefit TWO families to one full year of diaper supply for your mini’s.

Monster Academy: Each holder will gain exclusive access into our online classroom learning modules that will teach you everything you need to know about beginning your very own NFT project.

Invite to our IRL Mortal Monster Journey: A Mental Health Retreat for holders

Upon selling out, our team will acquire land in the Metaverse to feature our official Mortal Monster Clinic where you will access our therapeutic art gallery, virtual yoga classes, virtual meditation classes and our yearly mental health convention.