Welcome to Pablo & Friends

Pablo & Friends is a community driven NFT project on the Ethereum Blockchain using ERC-721 token standard.

Our NFT's

Road Map


Join our cartel and the conversation on discord. Complete a challenge to make it onto the whitelist.

We will be reserving 1000 places with the opportunity to mint up to 5 Pablo and friends pre launch - enough for a shot at collecting a whole cartel.


We will be marketing worldwide through a mix of social media influencers, billboards in time square and guerilla marketing led by our community. We have $250,000 to spend.

Post Launch

Let the cartel collecting frenzy begin, Our unique combination of prizes encourages our members to bid on other cartel members to build a complete cartel. The rarest Pablos will receive all expenses paid trips to Medellin Colombia to take place at our soon to be annual criminal party in April 2022.

Holding our NFT gets you entrance to our party where you can meet and network with our incredible community.

Future Utility

Collection #2 - Free to all P&F Minters

Pablo and Friends is only the beginning for this wonderful community, we have plans to release more collections with future gaming ability. We will make our next collections available only to our true supporters and those who have been with us from the start.

Mint now for a free mint in the future

Play to Earn

We will be bringing a blockbuster gaming experience to the blockchain. Holders can take their NFTs to war against other holders and win their NFT from them. The first collection will be key to the game and those who have more free mints will win more. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!


We will be incorporating staking into the gaming experience, this will ensure you earn passive income from your NFTs as a thank you for your support. Whilst driving up the floor price and creating long term value for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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